Saturday, March 10, 2012

All Good Things (2010)

I am not a big fan of Kirsten Dunst, really. I can't even say why or what bothers me but after Interview with the Vampire and The Virgin Suicides I haven't been very impressed with her. Of course there was Little Women and Marie Antoinette, where she did surprise me. But with all the Spidermans and the Wimbledons and the Elizabethtowns I just didn't realize why she doesn't understand she is not one of those bubbly girls of Hollywood. She has a unique quality and she has largely missed in trying to use it. Like in All Good Things or Melancholia. This is what she does best.
I somehow find myself believing her more when she's not the all strong female who can kick ass and take care of herself. I can't really say why I find her better as the repressed woman or as the emotionless queen. But in All Good Things she was perfect. Along with Ryan Gosling who is a delight in his own sense. Together they've had a dynamic I didn't expect and a feel of chemistry that seemed a little eerie, like you're expecting something bad to happen.

Katie Marks: "I've never been closer to anyone, and I don't know you at all."

Kirsten as the sweet Katie Marks, who marries her slightly odd beloved David and finds herself in the middle of family drama regarding early mobsters and lords, in the tradition her husband refuses to follow and yet sort of finds pleasure in. The story was inspired by one of the most notorious missing persons files in the history of New York City. After they get married they want to start their life from scratch in a remote town in Vermont, but his father, the mogul, convinces him it's not what she wants. When they re-begin their life in New York, he becomes moody, controlling and obsessive. He has no understanding, no patience and no desire to have a child. She can't seem to grasp these sudden changes, his out-of-nowhere demands that make no sense. Their neighbors and families notice strange behavior and at some point even deadly fear in Katie's eyes and behavior. And at first, when she disappears, no one is surprised. Because who would want to stay with such a husband? But Katie has never abandoned her family before, she always shared everything with them. Why don't they know where she is? Where is she and what really happened to her?
Ryan Gosling, the same guy millions of girls and women swoon over, is so creepy that he will make your blood icy cold. His constant movements about his glasses, pushing them up the nose, pursing lips and icy stares make you freeze. Kirsten is convincing as a trapped bird that sees no way out and is so afraid that she'd rather come back on her own than be chased down. Because this way at least she knows what will happen. Does she, though?
Both actors are inspiring and do their job extremely well. And yet somehow the movie loses its flow, the interestingness, the point that would drive you to watch it on and on, all the while on the edge of your seat. The biggest point of this movie is the fact that it really happened. Without that, it'd be just a movie with two really good actors, wasting away. Hm, is it not anyway?

David Marks: "Look at her. I swear to God, I didn't even know that people like her existed. She's perfect."

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