Friday, January 25, 2013

Children's books

Do you remember a favorite book from your childhood? Or young adult years? I remember many, hardly just one. I had my nose in books all the time. I would run to the school library in the morning to borrow the allowed number of books per day and then proceeded to read them all during breaks, recess, lunch break and even during classes if I got bored. My biggest problem was I couldn't borrow more at the end of the day cause I had used up my quota.
So before there was Bella Swan (or Rihanna for that matter) to make all girls understand in just how much of a dysfunctional couple you must be in order to be a successful teenager, there were girls like Matilda and cool gangs such as The Five. I swear I knew those books back to back. My Santa gifts had to include a book. Preferably in plural. It was the best gift I could receive and the best one I knew how to give. Still is. 
My childhood (and teenage) memories include reading aloud Pippi before bedtime to another story-thrilled relative and being terrified of creaking stairs while reading Stephen King under the covers (cause we weren't allowed). They involve stubborn, strong, independent heroes who did not let destiny take its course without steering it a bit or poking their noses where they weren't supposed to - all in the name of fun, adventure and experience. Those heroes are (in my opinion) still better. So I still say Katniss before Bella any day. Don't even get me started on Anastasia Steele.

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