Monday, January 21, 2013

Picking the titles

It isn't always easy for me to just pick a book and read it. I must admit that I go to great lengths of getting information about the book(s) without too much details of plot being given away. I also carefully choose my choices for book club and I am not ashamed to admit that I have quite a few already stacked up for the future. As in I know what my next five choices will be, same way as I have ever since my book club started (which was in January 2008). OK, well at least the next five choices. Sometimes more than that. Twice it happened someone else picked the same book I was going to. And I wasn't upset, not at all. More thrilled than anything else because that meant that I can freely add another title to my pile.
So today the list is... well, too long. And I fear I won't ever manage to read all the books I can. But I guess I'll die trying! :) If I could do nothing but read all day, I might be able to fulfill my plan. But there's work to do cause there's bills to pay as Bon Jovi put it in the eighties.

And The Jane Austen Book Club was the reason this book club started. The movie, not the book, mind! We were all avid readers by then but I have only read one novel by Jane Austen - Emma. So OK, we decided to cover all six and we started at the beginning of the new year. Now, it wasn't in anticipation of having our lives changed like the characters in the novel. Not at all. It was just an idea. And well, it pains me to admit it but today I'm the only standing original member. I didn't like Jane Austen's books so much but while through time the people in the book club have changed, my love of books hasn't. And despite the busy schedules, there is time for one book a month for book club (and the rest for me) and I like it that way.
So I'll go on picking them my way. By the title, by the cover, by the backstory and not even (by far) necessarily whether or not it got an award or twenty. But that's just me. How do you pick it?

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