Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Gone Girl

Yes, I know the book isn't called THE Gone Girl. But this girl is so gone, she deserves a The. Capital The. I follow many readers' recommendations and much buzz about books and tend to believe people over awards. Sometimes that's a mistake (like in Fifty Shades of Crap instance) and sometimes it's a good thing (like with Gone Girl). More often than not, the latter prevail, which I admit is very, very lucky for me. I tend to get quite upset for losing time over a bad book or a movie.
So I chose this book to be the first one I read on my new e-reader. And decided to leisurely start it over the weekend. But then I found time on Friday night and so I started it. What followed was complete isolation from the world, inability to put the reader away and when that was seriously required, there was lots of grunting and frowning. 

The plot (or at least the beginning of it) is quite well known and has been slapped around hundreds of times. So Nick is a husband who did not buy his wife Amy a gift for their fifth wedding anniversary. And he did not make a reservation for a romantic dinner. But he tells the cops he did, when they rush to his house after he discovers his wife went missing. Nick is a bad husband. A very bad husband with secrets. A very bad husband who keeps telling lies.
The story is told in two parts. One part is the first account of Nick and even through his own eyes you can see what a jackass he is. If he can't make himself likable, imagine what Amy's journal tells you about him. Cause that's the second aspect of the story. The two storylines are alternating, one in the present day and another guiding you through their relationship with sporadic entries in Amy's diary. Poor, unsuspecting, loyal and loving Amy. When Nick thinks about the shape of his wife's skull and blood on the kitchen floor, he just gets more creepy. But the truth is far more disturbing than you could ever imagine.
It's impossible to write a review with reflection without a spoiler or two. So here I am warning ANYONE who wants to read the book (or possibly watch the movie which David Fincher himself is rumored to be directing) to not read ahead. SPOILERS AHEAD

Did you go away?

Last chance!!!

OK, here goes.

So Amy is a nutjob. A complete nutjob. Not only is she a nutjob, she is a sociopathic psychopath. Such a twisted mind that she forged the diaries for years back and planned everything into such detail that I cannot imagine how much she must have hated her husband. Because I know there must be at least one lost soul still reading this despite the spoiler warning (there is ALWAYS someone), I won't talk about the ending. I'll just say that this was practically written for Fincher. Because this is such a twisted tale that I thought it couldn't end more insanely. But it did. Amazing.
I cannot wait to read more of Gillian Flynn's books. I am just keeping them aside cause I don't want to devour everything at once and then be left with no more. She's too good for that, I'm sure.

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