Monday, January 14, 2013

There must be a silver lining.

Right? In everything? No?
In Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Patrick Solatano (in the shape of a surprising Bradley Cooper) is working out, he got himself in shape and he is determined to overcome many and obvious obstacles that life threw at him. So when his momma decides his time at the mental institution is up, she picks him up and takes him back home. Home what used to be home, before The Incident. Home where he lived as a kid and a teenage boy, until he grew up, moved away, got married and then went crazy. So Pat took a plea bargain, did a stint in mental institution (8 months) and is now back to prove to Nikki (his wife) that he has changed, show her he still loves her, appreciate her more and see a silver lining in every thing that happens to him. Only Nikki moved out of their home, sold the house and got a restraining order against him. And his silver linings begin to look a bit grim.
Then his (we presume) best friend invites him over for dinner. That same friend is married to Nikki's friend and Pat probably is fishing for a possibility here. Instead, his friend's wife invites her own sister who has her own set of troubles, her own set of grief and woes and her own set of anti-depressants to swallow daily. Technically Tiffany should be kept away from Pat and it doesn't look like they would hit it off because he is clearly lying to himself, is in severe denial and she is calling on everybody's bullshit as she sees it. Two completely different agendas bring them together and they are so incompatible it isn't even remotely funny.
Except that it is. Robert De Niro plays Pat's OCD father, Jacki Weaver is his anxious mother and Jennifer Lawrence the crazy Tiffany. There is also a little surprise in the cast department as Julia Stiles, the almost forgotten big hope of the nineties, makes her way into the spotlight away from the Bourne franchise. But all in all I was not as surprised by the amazing Jennifer Lawrence who is getting accolades and applauses from critics and audience alike. Not that she isn't amazing, mind, though the fact of the matter is she will evolve into an even more amazing actress and if not this year, she will win an oscar in the future. A bigger surprise for me was Bradley Cooper who finally showed that he has a depth that goes below level 2. I am not saying he deserves an oscar nomination, not by far, but what he manages to show as a bipolar man, struggling to keep both his feet on the ground, is quite outstanding. And that is the same Bradley Cooper of this, this and that. Need I go on? Not really, I guess.
Frankly, the movie as a whole is a bit overrated, if you ask me. 8 oscar nominations? And including Best Motion Picture of the Year? No. But a very nice movie. If - beside the bipolar characterization - you'll remember anything about this movie in ten years, gimme a call.

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