Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"Today is the day when everything
changes. One way or another."

So here is the deal. When you have to steal something in order to prove that you are not a thief how do you go about it? Well, firstly you need to escape custody while you are out attending a close family member's funeral and after that change your identity so that you can check in to a hotel without any problem and then finally step out of your room to get on the window ledge and threaten to jump off it. I know it doesn't make much sense as you read this and perhaps it won't either after you are done watching Man on a Ledge (2012).

Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) is an ex-cop, convicted of stealing a $40 million diamond from businessman David Englander (Ed Harris). As he is sentenced to 25 years in prison he maintains that he was framed by Englander who faked the theft in order to cover the losses which he had incurred in his business. With the only goal of proving his innocence on his mind, Cassidy escapes custody while he is allowed to attend his father's funeral and thus begins his quest to clear his name. He is not alone in this fight as he has his brother Joey (Jamie Bell) with his girlfriend Angie Lopez (Genesis Rodriguez) helping him prove that he is not guilty. The drama begins as he checks in to a hotel room under a false name and climbs on the ledge on the 21st floor. The idea here is to distract the police while his brother breaks into Englander's jewellery showroom nearby to steal the same diamond Nick was accused of stealing and selling by pieces and which they believe is hidden there. This needs to be done so that they can expose Englander's conspiracy against Cassidy and he can be proved innocent.
According to me this is a gem of an idea, however the script throughout its execution is not that enriching. As soon as he is seen on the ledge, a crowd gathers and police surround the building in order to stop him from jumping which in turn serves as a perfect distraction against Joey and Angie. Cassidy demands that he will talk only to Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks), an NYPD negotiator who recently failed to save a suicidal policeman. Banks comes in strong but fails to impress with her performance as a negotiator with the man on the ledge. The police establish Cassidy's real identity as he is buying time by keeping them engaged while his brother is busy breaking into Englander's store to find the diamond. The couple (Jamie and Angie) sure seem to have done their training well as they look like professionals doing their job of breaking into the store's highly secured safe with some humorous moments between them.

There are a few things which made me think about the seriousness of this plot as the characters seemed half-done and weak with equally half-hearted dialogues. The policemen who plotted against Cassidy lack character and look rather dull. Sam Worthington doesn't seem like a lead actor at all and is clearly overshadowed by Jamie Bell who plays his brother. Bell and Rodriguez manage to present some thrill while they are hunting for the diamond but otherwise this movie fails to attract attention as it lacks consistency. It is a great idea to be very honest but unfortunately its execution is below par. This movie falls off the ledge and lands on the spot where there is no cushion of interest.

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