Monday, September 9, 2013

There she goes...

"There she is boys, Mandy Lane. Untouched, pure. Since the dawn of junior year men have tried to possess her, and to date all have failed. Some have even died in their reckless pursuit of this angel."

There are many times in my life that I've been fooled, be it by friends, by strangers or even by misleading genre description of some movies. The word Horror is what I first laid my eyes on when I was checking All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) and that was perhaps the main reason why I decided to watch it. Little did I know that I was getting fooled with every passing minute after the movie started. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) is a high school drama involving a bunch of boys and girls who go out to a secluded ranch for a weekend during which they slowly vanish, one by one.

"You know we are all trying to get you right?"
Mandy Lane (Amber Heard) is the most sought after girl in high school. All the boys want her, mostly in a sexual way as she is constantly hounded by them. She is quite reserved when it comes to interacting with boys but is close to Emmet (Michael Welch). Then due to an unfortunate event caused by him, she distances herself from him. The movie covers most of the high school life events such as boys drooling over a girl, sports, pool parties and drunken mishaps. Life goes on as usual till Mandy agrees to join five of her newly found friends to spend a weekend at a ranch. Of course, there is a lot of partying and fighting involved within the group which makes the core essence of a high school outing. The problem with all of this is that most of the characters in this movie are pretty one-dimensional and lack personality. They start to mysteriously disappear one by one and panic takes over. Garth (Anson Mount) is the ranch hand who is not particularly happy with the group's behavior but has a job to do of making sure everything is okay. With all the disappearances, the story twists to a shocking revelation. Emmet who gets sidelined earlier comes back with a major part to play.

"You seem different."
"That's because I am."
The thing about this movie is that the plot fails to convince and so does the acting which is nothing special. There might be a fairly small reward for the viewers in the form of the twist in the end otherwise it doesn't have much to offer. This is not the one that I want to complain about for a while, I think I am done with it as I finish writing this. 

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